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Financial Consultant

Chartist Finance

Crypto Analyst


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Ali Hoseini

Financial Consultant

Chartist Finance

Crypto Analyst

About Me

Hey there, I am Ali Hosseini!
Financial Markets Consultant & Analyst, Researcher in the field of Cryptocurrencies, Founder of the first workspace for traders, the first crypto phone counseling center, official member of the Iranian Blockchain Association, Instructor of the cryptocurrency commission

  • Financial market history: 9 Years
  • Chart ROOM: Trading Workspace
  • Spotter: Online Trading Platform
  • CryptoKomak : Phone Counselling
My Skills

Starting to analyze financial markets is one of the fascinations of my life, which began in 2012 with the entry into the Tehran Stock Exchange.

Crypto Analyst

The beginning of my activity in 2018in the field of cryptocurrencies has made me have more than 100 successful investment consultations in this field.

Risk Manager

Financial Risk Management is one of the main parts of successful investments, passing 2 International courses in this field is in my record.

Idea Innovation

Innovation and the creation of new ideas have accompanied me throughout all my years of activity in various fields, and my businesses confirm this claim.

Online Counselling
1 hour 70 Dollars
  • A 1-hour session
  • Educational advice
  • Entering the market
  • Economy
250 Dollars
  • Three 1-hour sessions
  • Trading
  • Golden Opportunity
  • Metaverse new
Fun Facts
100+ active market students
1000+ hours of market training
2000+ days of market activity
5+ valid financial degrees
My Businesses
Short But...

All of these are just some of my successful skills and activities over the years, and I certainly have not mentioned the various jobs and challenges I have gone through here, but all of them have helped me get to this point, and so in a few lines. I reminded myself of the steps.

2022 - Now

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program is a postgraduate professional certification to investment and financial professionals.

2010 -2014
Islamic Azad University

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

2008 - 2009

MCSA stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, whereas the full form of MCSE is Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.

2021 - Now
Trading work space

Establishment of the first trading workspace in Iran

2012 - 2022
Trading in the Financial Market
Tehran Stock Exchange, Forex, Digital Currency

Starting from Tehran Stock Exchange in 2012 and getting acquainted with the Forex market and currency codes

2008 - 2022
Chain stores

Establishment of chain stores in the field of clothing and children

Financial market skills
  • Technical Analysis
  • Tehran Stock Exchange
  • Global Market
  • Cryptocurrency
Computer skills
  • Network+
  • WordPress
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Persian ( Mother Tongue )
  • English
  • Turkish
Miscellaneous skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Statistical Analysis
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Web Design
  • Search engine marketing
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